Are you dating?

Are you dating?

Dear Tuesday,

I know you cannot wait to vanish into thin air and let me wait for 7 days before you return. You remind me of the friends I meet on dating platforms – where we can get along for one good day before you disappear for (more than) 7 days.

It has never been easy forging new friendships especially in this community where looks is the priority. We cannot help because that is the way human nature functions – so I have learnt to live with it. The purpose of this post is to break down my jumbled thoughts and pen them in this screen of four walls.

I used to fall for guys whom I thought were decent at first but to realise I was superficial too (human nature). The truth is obvious because I have barely known the person and it was insane for me to fall in love so quickly. I fall hard and fell too deep to the point I could not save myself. I would think about the guy I like all day and my precious time just flew by idling.

The lesson I have learnt is that you should never get caught up in someone without understanding who he really is (his character, personality, attitude towards you, circle of friends and perhaps horoscope). Remind yourself to keep an open mind and come to realise he is not everything because you are trapped in your own world.

You brought the good and bad upon yourself.

You are holding the key. Your decision to unlock the door and escape from this illusion (or stay and continue being delusional) is clearly up to you. So, I told myself to escape and never lock myself in this room of doom.

Let us welcome Wednesday.